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Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Few stars shine as bright home and abroad like Prince Harry when it comes to the motion picture biz. Everyone in the theater world wants him in their movies for the star power he has to draw major crowds. Prince Harry’s enticing calves haven’t hurt his modeling and acting career. With such a long record of esteemed movie s, it’s no wonder that he may be considered for an award.. Prince Harry always has the most recent updates on Prince Harry, so check back soon.

Las Vegas Boycotting Leakers of Prince Harry Nude Pics; More Photos Being Shopped? [Prince Harry] The privacy-invading insider who leaked the infamous nude photos of Prince Harry playing strip billiards is persona non grata in Vegas, according a new Sin City tourism campaign. More » [link]

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Celebrities are constantly being spoken whether it is about their hair styles, clothing, movies or relationships. Artists & Actresses are always in the spotlight and their every move is being studied. The best thing is that lots of the celebs are marvelous, so they are awesome eye candy.  The ladies of Hollywood most likely have a lot of stress in trying to stay cute every moment. There are those very few babes that absolutely stay looking awesome doesn’t matter where they are at. The celebs on this list are of a wide range of ages and a mix of vocalists, movie stars and models. They is no particular array.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Jessica Alba

3. Kim Kardashian

4. Denise Richards

5. Hayden Panettiere

Of course there are more girl celebs that would make this list, but these are totally our most adored right now. These artists & actresses have justify themselves in the industry and have absolutely informed
all that they will be in around for years to come. Don’t forget that these artists & actresses are gifted and work hard as well.

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Kristen Stewart and ROBERT PATTINSON have solid marriage plans and you can look forward for wedding date any day now. ROBERT PATTINSON presented Kristen Stewart with a dazzling ring with an emerald stone, since Kristen Stewart is not a grand lover of typically used diamond rings as most ladies are accustomed to. Surely, that Kristen Stewart a.k.a. Bella doesn’t love them for not only is she rare and has a mind of her own but I suspect she grasps that to acquire such a jewel on your ring finger, a slave in the Dark Continent is to work through harsh hot days to find a precious sparkling rock. Moving along, the rare, green eyed hottie- Bella, doesn’t dream of a showy wedding either way, she would like for something relaxed but reminiscent as their love and their partnership. 

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There are a couple of famous couples that a lot of fans don’t know about. A lot asked, “How did I not know about this?” The truth is a lot of celebs that did hook up only hung out for a short period of time and made certain to keep their relationship secret. While others were totally in the lime light, but for one reason viewers either think no more of them or totally didn’t care about the partnership.

Below are the Top Three Celebrity Partnerships You Were Not Aware Of:

1. Jason Schwartzman & Zooey Dechanel.

2. Nick Cannon & Kim Kardashian.

3. Corey Feldman & Drew Barrymore.

Several of the famous partnerships   definitely flabbergasted fans as there were a few that I absolutely didn’t heard of. It’s a bit shocking to witness several of these stars hook up and then horribly break up too. Be certain to continue visiting for much more cool stars news.

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A lot of people are knowledgeable that a lot of famous unions don’t last for awhile, but there are a few celebrity unions that only last for hours. The famous people on this mini list should have known better that they were not fit for one another before getting married in the City of Sin or having a big expensive wedding just for publicity. For whatever mind set they felt the need to make a joke of the union and now they have made history as having the short term famous unions.

Right below is the Some Of The Short-Lived Hollywood Marriages:

  1. Britney Spears & Jason Alexander
  2. Drew Barrymore & Tom Green
  3. Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Esposito
  4. Tara Reid & Zack Kehayov
  5. Zsa Zsa Gabor & Felipe De Alba

I am certain that plenty more celebs will be added to this list for a long time. Can’t wait to see what the other fallen apart famous unions will come of this year.


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Worldwide known book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has every single girl in awe with the most important character Christian Grey and his method with girls. This sexy book is part of a trilogy by author E.L James and everyone is now thinking if a flick is going to be in production for this book. Are you noticing a trend yet? At first it was the Harry Potter books, then the Twilight books and the most current The Hungry Games books; each and every one of these well-known books have all been revolutionized into huge films.

Engaged Angelina Jolie has been unofficially announced as the director that has the enjoyment to make Christian Grey come true. She has been said to haven been wanting to to direct again since her first directorial debut on “In The Land of Blood and Honey.” All of this is still in question as nothing has been given the green as of yet, but what are your thoughts? What do you think Angelina Jolie is the perfect director to achieve bringing the attractive Christian Grey to come alive?

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Failed Celeb Couples

Stars consistently shift around husbands and wives as much as they change their underwear. A few go on for years before terminating the relationship, while a few are a totally failure from the get go. Relationships should be looked at truly serious, but for some reason quite a few actors and actresses don’t or they get into these intense   companionships that is clearly no good from the start. Below are the The Most Outrageous Celebrity Companionships Over The Years:

1. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

2. Jon and Kate Gosselin

3. Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

4. Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson and Evelyn Lozada

5. Mary J. Blige and K-Ci Hailey

This Top five list of celebrity couples have done one or the other such as slept with other people, hurt one another physically and much more to each other. These are the most outrageous companionships Hollywood has seen and I am certain there are plenty more insane partners to come. I have faith that in the near future celebrities will choose their partners more rationally.

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